About Us

At Ramoji Foods, we believe in restarting the traditional taste of Namkeen.

It’s a tasty journey of a father son duo, blending tastes and traditions of two generations. Starting with just noodles to 40+ varieties of Namkeens, Wafers and more. We believe in bringing you the best and something new and a little hatke always! Take your taste buds for a spin with traditional ingredients and exotic herbs that build our crazy fusions! Producing over 30 tonnes of wafers and namkeens every single day, for those satisfied smiles each time you open our packets.

One philosophy in mind, ‘Quality, No Compromise’ and with the Brand name Ramoji we are growing worldwide. Each bite of that potato chip was true to the quality promise and happy to your pocket. We value you and strive to be a value product for you in terms of price and quality because your trust and love is all we want! Supported by quality certifications and backed by a proficient foodie team we are reaching your home safe and sound every time. Ramoji reaches you through 250+ dealers and 100+ super stockists spread across the globe who share our goal of making each tummy happy with yummy Ramoji!

Ramoji food processing unit headquartered in Surat, Gujarat is not just the place where magic happens with basic and not so basic ingredients. If you visit the place, 4000 eucalyptus trees will engulf you in its mystics and always you will be offered a beverage, true to the values it will be Gir cow’s milk milked everyday at the shed on premise.

Fresh, Crispy, Scrumptious Taste & Tangy Flavors

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